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Unsaturated Heparin

  • Overview

    Our unsaturated heparin disaccharides are produced by the depolymerisation of porcine mucosal heparin by bacterial heparinase I, II and III. Greater than 95% pure by HPLC - download Certificate of Analysis, MSDS and Data Sheet below.

  • Application

    Reference standards for USP Chemical Tests ⟨207⟩1,6-Anhydro Derivative for Enoxaparin Sodium. Suitable for disaccharide analysis of all Heparins, LMW Heparins and Heparan Sulphate


Highly purified Unsaturated Heparin Disaccharides for use in USP test for 1,6-Anhydro Derivitive for Enoxaparin Sodium and for disaccharide analysis of any heparins, LMW Heparins and Heparin Sulphate


Disaccharides are shipped as freeze-dried powders at ambient temperature.


We deliver all our products world wide and are highly experienced international shippers. We understand that our customers needs may differ and so shipping solutions to suit you.


The standard pack size for the heparin disaccharides is 1mg. We will happily quote for larger/bulk orders - contact info@iduron.co.uk for a quotation.


Unsaturated heparin disaccharide reference standards for USP Chemical Tests ⟨207⟩1,6-Anhydro Derivative for Enoxaparin Sodium.

Suitable for disaccharide analysis of all Heparins, LMW Heparins and Heparan Sulphate.

New product information:

Heparin Disaccharide Standard Mix (HD Mix) – please email info@iduron.co.uk for further information

The heparin disaccharide mix is designed for disaccharide composition (qualitative) analysis of heparin and/or heparan sulphate digested by heparinase enzymes.

Convenient and ready to use the HD Mix is provided as a predissolved aqueous solution of heparin disaccharides HD001, HD002, HD003, HD004, HD005, HD006, HD007 and HD008.

The Heparin Disaccharide Standard Mix (HD Mix) contains enough solution for 10 x 100µl applications. See tab for typical HPLC profile.

Unstaurated Heparin Disaccharide Structure

The disaccharides were detected by UV at wavelength of 232nm by virtue of their unsaturated bond. Each pack size contains 10 x 100µl  applications.

(The exact salt concentration required to elute each sample will vary with column type and manufacture.)


Product Product Code Qty
  • ∆I-S ∆UA,2S – GlcNS,6S HD001 1mg Enquire
    ∆III-S ∆UA,2S – GlcNS HD002 1mg Enquire
    ∆I-A ∆UA,2S – GlcNAc,6S HD003 1mg Enquire
    ∆II-S ∆UA – GlcNS,6S HD004 1mg Enquire
    ∆IV-S ∆UA – GlcNS HD005 1mg Enquire
    ∆IV-A ∆UA – GlcNAc HD006 1mg Enquire
    ∆III-A ∆UA,2S – GlcNAc HD007 1mg Enquire
    ∆II-A GlcNAc,6S HD008 1mg Enquire
    Heparin Disaccharide Standard Mix. Approx. equal molar concentrations of HD001 - 8 HD Mix 1ml Enquire
    IP ∆UA-2S ® GlcNCOEt-6S internal standard disaccharide HD009 1mg Enquire
    III-H ∆UA,2S – GlcN HD010 1mg Enquire
    I-H ∆UA,2S – GlcN,6S HD011 1mg Enquire
    II-H ∆UA – GlcN,6S HD012 1mg Enquire
    IV-H ∆UA – GlcN HD013 1mg Enquire

Heparin Test Kits

Heparin test kits, supplied by Provision Kinetics, Inc. USA for testing the Anti-IIa and Anti-Xa activity of heparin and LMW heparin.

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Heparinase enzymes

High quality Heparinase I, Heparinase II and Heparinase III purified from Flavobacterium heparinum (ATCC 13125) for depolymerization of heparin and LMW heparin including Enoxaparin Sodium.

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